The way you end a presentation is equally important as to how well you start it. This is because they both have a considerable impact on the way in which your audience responds to the message you are aiming to get across. The beginning and end of the presentation also have a huge effect on...
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First impressions count, and this logic applies to presentations too. Grabbing your audience’s attention in those initial 60 seconds of the presentation is key to making sure you have their focus on the message you are aiming to get across. Make sure your presentation design is catered to this. Otherwise, if you end up wasting...
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A guide to more professional PowerPoint presentations If you are looking for PowerPoint hacks to help make your business presentations more professional and capture your client’s (or prospective ones) attention, then take a look at our tips below. As a presentation design agency, we know exactly what you need to do to help make your...
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A guide to strong presentation design Creating a good presentation is vitally important for your business’s reputation. Whether you are providing a presentation to current or prospective clients, making a good impression is key and a carefully crafted presentation can help you achieve this. As professionals dedicated to adding value to our client’s business through...
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