How to make your PowerPoint presentation more professional


A guide to more professional PowerPoint presentations

If you are looking for PowerPoint hacks to help make your business presentations more professional and capture your client’s (or prospective ones) attention, then take a look at our tips below.

As a presentation design agency, we know exactly what you need to do to help make your slides more polished and ultimately drive business growth.

  • Define the message of your presentation beforehand
  • Choose an attention-grabbing title
  • Use a sleek presentation design
  • Keep to one point per slide
  • Keep text to a minimum
  • Carefully choose your images
  • Use a call to action

Define the message of your presentation beforehand

Avoid creating the PowerPoint presentation before you have identified the core message you want to get across to your audience. Make sure you have clearly defined both the message as well as what your goals are for the presentation itself. What do you want the outcome to be?

When defining your core message, make sure you have a clear beginning, middle, and end. You can then begin writing the script before getting to the presentation stage.

Choose an attention-grabbing title

Your presentation can be professional and captivate your audience. The first step when it comes to doing this is piquing their interest with your title slide. Think about something that directly addresses the questions the presentation will be answering.

Use a sleek presentation design

An important PowerPoint hack that you shouldn’t forget about when it comes to business presentations is keeping the design fuss-free. Now is not the time to experiment with design.

Instead, think of keeping it simple and sophisticated. You should focus on a format that will work on all computers and will be easy to read, as your audience are there to hear your message, not primarily to be dazzled by the design itself.

Keep to one point per slide

Whilst it can be tempting to try and fit in as much information as you can into one PowerPoint presentation, don’t. If you want your audience to retain the core message, then stick to one point per slide. You want to make sure that they can easily absorb the information you are giving them.

Keep text to a minimum

When it comes to designing a good presentation using text sparingly is key. If the audience is having to spend their time trying to read large blocks of script on your PowerPoint slides this means they are not listening to you.

Keep to concise sentences for each slide that allow you to easily expand on each point made to the audience. We recommend keeping to just one headline or sentence per slide.

Carefully choose your images

The images you pick for your PowerPoint should be used to reinforce or highlight your core message, not just for decoration. For example, think about using informative images like graphs and charts to reiterate your point.

Use a call to action

As you near the end of the PowerPoint presentation, your slides should feature a persuasive call to action to engage your audience. For example, this may be to invite them to contact you for any queries they have or to try a demo version of your product.